Building with latest upstream Intel GPU drivers and kernel

  • Hello,

    I'm trying to work with Intel to fix a long standing (since early 2014) driver bug that affects playback of 44.1 kHz audio in Linux over HDMI.

    As part of the debugging process, I need to be able to build from their latest upstream code that contains daily fixes, etc. This also requires using their latest kernel and patches.

    I've been able to build LibreElec using the latest master and it works fine. Anyone interested in helping me modify the build scripts/environment in order to build latest upstream code from Intel? I'm an experienced software engineer but haven't spent much time in Linux for many years. If there's a better way to approach this process, please let me know.

    I think this link covers some of the steps but I'm not sure how to adapt this for existing LibreElec build scripts.


  • To change the Intel driver you only need to change the githash in packages/x11/driver/xf86-video-intel/ and it will download/use the driver at the appropriate commit; although Intel's development repo is further upstream than the one we use. You should be able to change the repo URL used to point it at another one. The same general process can be applied to most other packages. The build system is fairly simple (e.g. logical) once you figure out the general build workflow.

    NB: Some of the devs (and/or people with solid building experience) hang out in the #libreelec IRC channel on freenode. It'd be easier to chat there than give major instruction via forum posts.

  • @wizziwig im already builded included master mesa, libav, vaapi etc. ;)
    Let me know which intel CPU you using (because i dont have very Generic build :P )