Error at compilation in the build file

  • Hello, I try to compile the disk LibreELEC 8.2.3 on Ubuntu 18.04, but to me gives an error message at compilation of scripts/build: line 393: 1039 Segmentation fault (core dumped) make of $PKG_MAKE_OPTS_HOST. Opened the file and looked that swears on the last line of fi to 393 lines. Tell me please, as it can be corrected. at libreelec-8.2 · LibreELEC/ · GitHub

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  • The release images for LE 8.2.x were compiled on Ubuntu 16.04 .. so perhaps use an older VM to build with. We have no real-world interest in maintaining the compilability of older releases on newer platforms.

  • I too have a similar problem compiling 8.2.5. I'm getting the following errors:

    If anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve these issues, I would appreciate it.

  • No explanation of the build environment (which distro etc.) so it's hard to comment. Also completely unrelated to the original post (not the same issue).