Help with pairing firetv remote

  • Can someone instruct me on how to pair the amazon fire tv remote with libreelec on raspberry pi 3+? I had it working at one point but my sd card got corrupted. I reloaded the 8.90.009 and now the firetv remote will not show back up when I press the home button to pair it. The bluetooth is running and I can see other devices.


  • You probably have to unpair the remote first before it an be re-paired.

  • Wouldn't the remote be unpaired with a fresh install? I formatted the sd card and reloaded libreelec



  • From the HTPC side a clean install removes all knowledge of the remote. From the BT remote side .. it's still paired to the previous HTPC install.

  • Thanks for the info. I searched the net and I tried what others had posted about unpairing the firetv remote. None of these methods had worked. I pushed in the back and menu buttons in simultaneously for 30 seconds with no success, removed batteries and reinserted back into remote and did same sequence with no results, and pushed home button while paring with lirbreelec with no results. Any other recommendations?

  • I guess I had a blonde moment. lol I feel so dumb. The dame batteries were dead. I just bought them yesterday and the majority were dead. Thanks for the help.