just Idea: Desktop for KODI, KODI Plugin/tab ? to individual app and web-gl app

  • Hi , I have / maybe others people too just couple ideas for KODI / LibreELEC :

    1. Desktop mode for KODI / LibreELEC

    2. KODI Plugin/tab to individual app

    3. KODI Plugin/tab to web-gl app to run remotly

    4. store /backup plugins/configs in cloud / Google Drive

    People i hope this will be usable ...


  • 1. I doubt this could be incorporated due to limitations on most SBC's which use the framebuffer for the display

    2. Not too sure what you mean

    3. See 1 ^^^

    4. Use rclone Here

  • in this way this could be some like other smart tv system's try to be, for big screen people need big format content but in most stations is only 1080 format so way not to use httpc and tv to web browsing, check content from providers in desktop mode where kodi plugins could be desktop apps or desktop widgets, other apps could be installable from packages /snap etc, i know this be some resource hungry and today SBC's especially some exotic model have some limitations... hm :exclamation::idea:

  • 1. Solved by using Ubuntu or Fedora etc. - LE is intentionally not a Desktop using OS

    2. Depends on the Skin .. Estuary is intentionally simple and not too customisable

    3. Kodi web interface has a remote control function, as do numerous phone 'remote' apps

    4. Nothing's directly supported today on LE, but rsync + cron can solve most cloudy backup things

  • Hi chewitt ok , maybe this is right direction , not many users have multiple pc in home

    - 1 . that quastion to add "Desktop Mode" is for me only for future purposes for big tv screens where in center could be videos stream, and in not occupied area we have something like wheater data rss monitoring ipsecurity cams, home automation area etc

    -2. Exactly , skin is for that

    -3. Could be improwed, especially remote phone apps for remote viewing content in same network

    -4. Now i know...

    ad 5 . is it possible to watch content from Kodi plugins sections Video/Music/Photo/TV over DLNA/Upnp on compatibile dlna/upnp like tv, audio network players etc.

    ad 6. do you plan support HBBTV ? or parse streams and web content to be in equal sections like ip-tv rss vod ip-radio etc ??web/widget ? this must be tv-pvr-backend independend...

  • 1. Sounds terrible, and personally knowing the default skinners on Team Kodi I guarantee they will never consider ruining the default skin with this.

    3. Submissions of code are welcome.

    5. No idea, I don't use DNLA and have no personal plans to experiment with it.

    6. Services which use HBBTV or similar derivatives can be done through Kodi addons which manage interaction between whatever client is required and the streaming interface (Kodi supports DASH etc. and the underlying player engine (ffmpeg). Kodi is unlikely to ever be HBBTV certified in any meaningful way because that requires HBBTV membership at €8k/year.

    As all your suggestions are Kodi related (not LibreELEC related) the better place to ask them is the Kodi forums.