Intel true 10bits/HEVC/HDR support... ?

  • Please post a debug log, it's likely that it's falling back to EGL

    Yeah I think you're right on the money, I'm seeing lots of messages like this in the log:

    2021-04-23 20:47:08.706 T:29302   DEBUG <general>: CEGLImage::CreateImage - attributes:
                                                       EGL_WIDTH: 3840
                                                       EGL_HEIGHT: 2160
                                                       EGL_LINUX_DRM_FOURCC_EXT: R16
                                                       EGL_DMA_BUF_PLANE0_FD_EXT: 40
                                                       EGL_DMA_BUF_PLANE0_OFFSET_EXT: 0
                                                       EGL_DMA_BUF_PLANE0_PITCH_EXT: 7680
                                                       EGL_DMA_BUF_PLANE0_MODIFIER_LO_EXT: 2
                                                       EGL_DMA_BUF_PLANE0_MODIFIER_HI_EXT: 16777216

    Even though direct to plane was selected in settings. But I would've assumed that EGL is the preferred/desired render method anyway, no?



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  • So there is no way to keep both methods? E.g. EGL as the default one and direct to plane for the hardware that can support YUV planes?

    There is no reason to support both. The EGL method will be universal and the direct-to-plane method doesn't offer any benefits. With the direct to plane method you also can't do things like tonemapping, brightness/contrast adjustment, etc.

  • After spending a weekend wasting WAY too much time by reverting random commits, comparing diffs, recompiling kodi a million times (thanks ccache btw) I finally figured out the reason for the messed up subtitles:

    My current working branch/commit is here: subtitle bugfix: reset glActiveTexture to TEXTURE0 so that subtitles … · Deathcow/xbmc@d11c5b6 · GitHub

    In retrospect this is super simple, but it's always like this, isn't it? Anyhow: After the different if cases in the multi layer code the glActiveTexture remains at GL_TEXTURE2 or GL_TEXTURE1, which causes the subtitles to render incorrectly. Resetting it to GL_TEXTURE0 after the glBind stuff seems to alleviate the situation.

    ping lrusak , this might be of interest to you, if you want to continue work on the multilayer branch some day.

    I'm going to get some sleep. Bute force bug fixing sucks.

  • LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-10.0-devel-20210427181309-090e00d.img.gz

    - Deathcrow's subtitle fix

    - Partially reverted this commit because HDR stop working after the TV is power cycled:

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  • smp The build earlier today in post #620 looks ok on my NUC8i3BEH. I’ve watched two different HDR movies and they both look great to me. Blacks look black. Subtitles working now, HBR audio too.

    Thanks for today’s build!

  • Updated image with the subtitles fix:


    Upd: current kodi master (58df0ff) crashes and burns, so I removed the file. Will reupload the fixed one later.


    The dropbox link is not working.

    Edit: This LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-10.0-devel-20210427035557-090e00d.img.gz?dl=1 it works perfectly. Im sorry

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  • I’ve watched two different HDR movies and they both look great to me. Blacks look black. Subtitles working now, HBR audio too.

    I haven't noticed any color inaccuracies as described by smp either, but sometimes the picture seems a bit too dark. Though that could very well be a quirk of my TV, handling native HDR poorly. Cranking the brightness (in kodi) to 55-60% looks more correct to my eyes.

  • Hi, I have tested this image on a PC with AMD Ryzen 5 3500H and apu radeon vega 8 and it does not work for me, neither install, nor run, nor live.

    And I have tried a minipc asrock beebox N3000 and if it has let me install but HDR does not jump.

  • Though that could very well be a quirk of my TV, handling native HDR poorly.

    I understand you have a Samsung 2019 model TV?

    I use these settings for HDR to get an acceptable picture on my Samsung:

    Game Mode: On

    Backlight: 50

    Contrast: 45

    Sharpness: 0

    Colour: 25

    Contrast Enhancer: Low

    Colour Tone: Standard

    ST.2084: 2

    Contrast Enhancer and ST.2084 are important. With default settings the picture is indeed too dark.

  • I compiled it without radeonsi mesa drivers.

    I can do another build with AMD support if you want.

    If you could I would appreciate it, most of them use Intel but recently I got a minipc with ryzen 5 3500 h and vega 8 which I am very happy even for games.

    I would appreciate it infinite.