Image on TV slipped out of the corners

  • Hello guys,

    i have very odd problem with my new LG C8 65" screen and my NUC6CAYH and LibreElec 9 Alpha.

    Almost every time i boot the machine the KODI menu doesn´t fit a 100% on the screen. When i start a film for instance which is in 21:9 i can see parts of the Kodi menu on the right corner. That does not happen if the film is in fullscreen. I tried to solve it by moving this little triangle´s into the corners, and in some way this is helping, but i do loss some things of the menu then on the whole right side of the screen.

    Well maybe it´s because of my NUC and his GPU or something, but im not sure what to do now about it.

    Maybe someone around can give me a hint about it.


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    1. Press the Home button of your TV remote.
    2. Once you get to the home menu, select the cog icon (top right corner) to access the Settings menu.
    3. Go to the Picture section > Aspect Ratio.
    4. The following options are available: 16:9. Just Scan. Original. Full Wide. 4:3. 14:9.

    ^ copied from Google but ISTR my 65B7V was similar. Sometimes settings are input specific so even if you did this already for HDMI1 but are now using HDMI2 it might need to be repeated.

  • Hi,

    i tried it with Aspect Ratio and Just Scan in automatic, off, and in, but with no luck so far.

    I couldn't manage it to reset the configs i have made in Kodi with the triangle's. Where do i have to configure this?

  • i guess i solved it now.

    Just Scan is on and the format stays at "Original".

    The triangles are at 0,0 and 0,0. The pixel thing is at 0.933. I can See everything i should and what i want. Fine for now.