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    Hello Community,

    just wanted to say that i have done the not recommended update on my Intel NUC yesterday and it worked out really fine.

    Some addons are not working (Joyn for instance), but overall it´s been worth it. Kodi is super smooth and a lot faster in the UI.

    Great work so far!!

    Thanks a lot!

    Hello guys,

    im really confused about the whole 4k HDR topic. I do own a LG TV which is capable of playing 4K HDR, but i dont know if my NUC with LibreElec 9 is supporting it or not.

    So could someone please tell me if it is possible at the moment or if there still some work to do with the drivers and stuff, before it will work.

    That´s my NUC: NUC8i3BEH

    Thanks a lot!


    I think i found my answer:

    Intel true 10bits/HEVC/HDR support... ?

    Anyone who has an idea about it?

    Im loosing about 3cm on every edge when the syncing is enabled. The problem is that i dont know exactly how to calibrate the screen without loosing space.

    yes i could configure it manually but for now i was quite happy with it as it was.

    Its at 0,0 0,0 and 1,000 and the image was just as big as it should be.

    The thing is that the menu and everything matches again when i stop the playback. But when a video is running its far too big. Ive got the feeling that its even worse with the Beta 3 which i have installed today.

    Can somebody confirm this?

    Deactivated sync still leads to "stucking".

    Im having huge problems with videos at 50 vor 60hz too. The audio video sync is so awfull you can not watch them. Videos are played too slow thats what it looks like.

    Its the case with the first Beta that came out. With the last alpha version it was fine.

    Im on a Nuc c8 i3.


    When im enabling syncing in Start/stop my 60hz files are working but the picture itself is slipping out of the corners, even in the menu. Im watching in an LG C8 OLED TV.

    Hello guys,

    i have very odd problem with my new LG C8 65" screen and my NUC6CAYH and LibreElec 9 Alpha.

    Almost every time i boot the machine the KODI menu doesn´t fit a 100% on the screen. When i start a film for instance which is in 21:9 i can see parts of the Kodi menu on the right corner. That does not happen if the film is in fullscreen. I tried to solve it by moving this little triangle´s into the corners, and in some way this is helping, but i do loss some things of the menu then on the whole right side of the screen.

    Well maybe it´s because of my NUC and his GPU or something, but im not sure what to do now about it.

    Maybe someone around can give me a hint about it.


    That´s interesting

    21:20:51.110 T:139753655621376   ERROR: VideoInfoScanner: Asked to lookup episode nfs://192.168.X.X/export/Serien/House of Cards/Season 4/ online, but we have no episode guide. Check your tvshow.nfo and make sure the <episodeguide> tag is in place.

    I tried to remove the tvshow.nfo file as mentioned elsewhere, but that didn´t bring the trick.

    Hello there,

    i hope it´s ok to ask here, but i couldn´t find a a specific Kodi forum.

    So I would like to find out why Kodi isn´t able to scrape informations from a season i have. It´s about House of Cards, which is named like that now:

    House of Cards

    -> Season 04


    and so on....

    I can´t help myself, i have tried several scrapers but now luck so far. No problems with other series, only with House of Cards he won´t give me any informations about.