Micro SD slot on x64 not being recognized reliably

  • Version: LibreELEC 8.90.006 9.0

    Kernel: Linux 4.18.11

    CPU: Intel ATOM x5-Z8500

    Hardware InFocus Kangaroo Plus

    When installing from a USB drive, installation occurs successfully to the internal eMMC. However, the built-in Micro SD card is not recognized nor mounted. Further, it does not show up via parted or df.

    If the Micro SD card is formatted to EXT4 in advance of an installation, the installer can see it and install to it successfully. However, when trying to the boot from the Micro SD card after installation, it triggers the error:

    1. *** Error in mount_flash: mount_common: Could not mount UUID-5BE6-0135 ***
    2. ### Starting debugging shell for boot step: mount_flash... type exit to quit ###
  • LE has always required a formatted target. The installer script uses the "blkid" command to identify potential install targets and blkid won't show anything unless the storage has been formatted with a filesystem first. It doesn't matter what filesystem is used, only that there is one.

    If you attach a USB keyboard you should be able to run commands. It's attempting to follow the boot=UUID=UUID-5BE6-0135 param to mount /flash and the SYSTEM file to continue booting. The UUID is presumably wrong and boot params in extlinux.conf need to be corrected.

  • Many thanks for the help. Two questions:

    1. Even if I format the Micro SD card to EXT4 it is not recognized (nor mounted) after a successful install to the eMMC. By contrast, a USB thumb drive will be recognized and mounted.
    2. Could the above issue be related to why /flash is looking for the wrong UUID or just unable to mount the correct one?
  • Also, I can confirm this is still occurring with LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-8.90.007.img. Further, I have tested the same EXT4-formatted Micro SD card via USB by using a card reader, and it is recognized fine.