How to install LE 8.90.006 on ChromeBox?

  • Just curious.. wanted to take the alpha Leia for a whirl on my Chromebox (CN60 & CN62). I tried to install through LE manual update channel.. (currently running LE 8.2.5 on both Chromeboxes)... comes up with an error saying partition is too small after extraction and install attempt... any ideas or is this just because it’s still in alpha?:?:

  • I'd guess you originally installed OpenELEC a few years ago and you have the older 230MB partition size. We have grown a little over time and and this is now too small. You have two options:

    a) Take a backup of the data in the /storage partition and move off-box, reinstall using the LE 8.2.5 image (or current Alpha) as this will create a 512MB boot partition, then restore the data from /storage.

    b) Boot from an Ubuntu (or other favourite distro) Live USB image and use gparted to shrink the size of the /storage partition, then move it to create space so the boot partition can be expanded to 512MB or 1GB size.

    Either approach gives you the same end result. The reinstall process is typically a lot faster as less data is being moved around. Bonus credit if you update the latest Chromebox BIOS from Extra credit for doing a selective restore of data from the backup and a spot of belated spring cleaning at the same time :)

  • Great! It’s been a while since I used the mr.chromebox technique! I will have to restore the chrome OS first before I can launch mr.chromebox UEFI firmware ? Sorry, it’s been a little while since I opened them up and loaded LE