i Had really hoped LibreELec would be a viable solution

  • I had really hoped that LibreElec would be a viable solution for me . UNfortunately I have enconuntered quirqs in IPTV Simple client, Playlist Loader addon will not work at all due to lack of Python and/or Python-requests , it seems there is no way to configure the same remote map that I have used on XBian, Ubunbtu, OSMC. It seems the Wiki abou remotes is intended to confuse not clarify. The wireless suport seems very unreliable with 2 different USB WiFI adapters, both work fine with Kodi/Ubuntu

    It is too bad as the world needs a Good Kidi/Linux distro for x86 , this just is not it, at least yet.

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  • Feel free to go and use something else then. One less user moaning about something benefits the project. Whatever works for you works for us.

  • i think part of the problem you have is the documentation and the attitude that you (collectively) display here and is all over this forum. In one case a user had a same problem I had , and it was you that seemed to accuse him if installing from a different repo and how the repo will update automatically. It does not but after all you DO KNOW IT ALL.

    You might want to think about how you seem to run folks off . Must be former Kodi devs from a couple years ago.

  • People give up their spare time to write code. People give up their spare time to create wiki pages. Notably fewer people write documentation than provide code .. such is the curse of most FOSS projects. Feel free to request a wiki account and contribute something back.