help to install libeelec

  • Hi I am a newbee and I would like to install libreelec on a fanless sbox 2120. gpu Intel GMA 3650. I tried to instal generic x86-64 8.2.5 and an older one 7.0.3.

    I always have the same problem. I have the message failed to start xorg is your gpu supported

    after ok started xorg server

    ok started fuxbox windows manager

    ok reached targer graphical interface

    starting kodi media centre

    ok started kodi media center

    ok reached target kodi media center interface

    and after start xorg is your gpu supported with the detail of my device.

    help me please;(

  • gpu Intel GMA 3650

    Such graphics processing units are considered prehistoric by now. Also the GMA3650 is not considered one of Intel's finest achievements... Best support comes from Windows drivers, in Linux it's just about impossible to find drivers for it, you could try an (earlier) Ubuntu distro.

    I would recommend you get yourself a Raspberry 3B+ setup, it has major support worldwide, far superior graphics capabilities compared to the GMA3650 and the RPi 3 can even do HEVC/h.265 video pretty decently.

  • GMA3650 is not supported. It's not impossible to find the drivers. It's only impossible to use them :)