DH Ciphers - DH Key too small

  • Hello.

    I am trying to play a Fstream or Ucaster video (adobe rtmp created) and then it crashes with message "dh key too small".

    I have found a solution with my PHP curl programs, which is deactivate DH ciphers ("DEFAULT:!DH").

    I am trying to solve this modifying the libcurl in this thread, without success:

    Compile libcurl.so.4.5.0 without compiling all LibreELEC

    But I beg you to bring us a more definitive solution in a later LibreELEC release. Thanks!

  • How did you play those streams? Directly or through some addon?

    Better support for Amlogic devices: use CoreELEC

    Blu-ray Disc Java menus support - forum thread, Github

    my lamp addon (unofficial/community with limited support)
    my touchscreen support and instructions by Grruhn (now touchscreen addon exists in repository)

  • It doesn't matter now... because it is working right now! Maybe Fstream/Ucaster have updated their protocols. The fact is that the videos now are working ok!

    Thank you for your reply.