u-boot corrupted - Boot only via SD. S905x 8gb/1gb

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    What was wrong?


    I have already given you the answer to this question. You need a DTB file with "nand“ suffix, otherwise the integrated Nand memory can not be recognized.

  • I tried all the DTB files with the nand suffix and renamed as dtb.img, but I'm not able to "Install to internal"

    Now the NAND is a Essencore 13t-8gq8t2h5tarc

    I think this is important to know.

    At the end I can flash the unit with the stock firmware.

    I can boot librerlec from SD.

    I cannot install libreelec to the internal memory

    Anything else will corrupt the image.

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  • Good day! There is the same TV android with the same problems. I can not find the firmware. Up to 7% and the end. I ask you to share a link to the working firmware for this device. And if possible, share your experience in installing the firmware. Thanks in advance.

    Good luck brother!

  • Moreover, there are 2 firmwares available that flash it to 100% on this TV box, but in the first case, when connected to TV, the logo does not go further, when loaded with the button pressed under (AV), a green recovery is displayed on which there is no possibility to mount partitions . On the second firmware also hangs on the logo, but it is possible to go to TWRP. In TWRP also can not mount partitions. I ask for help in solving experts.

    There is the same device in working condition from which I made a backup through the TWRP program, but when transferring to a non-working device, it reports that the internal memory is "0". This cannot be, since the firmware through the computer becomes. I'm at a loss ...

  • KE, I have a unit with exactly the same problem. I am glad I found your posts--I thought I was going crazy! Would you be able to share the IMG you received from the manufacturer? I want to bring my unit back from dead. Thank you in advance! :)