18.0-BETA2 Git:18.0b2-Leia PVR DVBViewer stopped playing after few second

  • I can some assist, I have noticed that every time that i changed channel it will work for few mins and then Freeze, any though

    I see this error for each play

    1. 00:02:42.399 T:140694194743040 ERROR: CActiveAESink::OpenSink - no sink was returned
    2. 00:02:42.400 T:140694203135744 ERROR: ActiveAE::InitSink - returned error
    3. 00:02:42.423 T:140694290221184 DEBUG: CDirectoryProvider[library://video/movies/]: refreshing..
    4. 00:02:42.423 T:140694290221184 DEBUG: CDirectoryProvider[library://video/tvshows/]: refreshing.

    Full log