SSD optimalization setting

  • Hello there,

    I am quite new to the community. I have purchsed a new Intel NUC Celeron J3455 mini computer. I want to run Libre ELEC on WD SSD Green (basic SSD), I am just worried if Libre ELEC does optimize its filesystem etc. so it does not wear-out the drive to quickly (by some swap file for example). Is there some setting to avoid this? I want my "NUC" to just play videos from my Synology NAS.

    Thank you in advance for help.

  • LibreELEC itself is not an operating system. It uses a minimal Linux kernel plus some bells and whistles to run Kodi. A LibreELEC installation doesn't create a swap file, but could use it if available from a different Linux installation, as in dual boot situations. The Linux kernel also supports trim for a while now.

    The file mostly edited/changed in Kodi every time would be the MyVideos*** database file, All the other files are basically all readonly, unless you want to set up your Kodi differently every week or so.

    On the other hand, write tests on SSD drives are done with writing the maximum of gigabytes 24/7, and then still it takes years before the MTBF is reached. I don't think the LibreELEC application falls in the same drive exhausting category.