How is the experience with the AMD Ryzen 3 2200G?

  • Hello there :D

    I want to build a new HTPC Pc, just for Kodi/Plex. The Ryzen 3 2200G with VEGA 8 seems to fit pretty well, but how is the experience with LibreElec (9)?

    Hardware decoding? Audio passthrough? Does it work?

    Regards ;)

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  • Ok, thx.

    I will try that. :)

    I have another question

    So the kernel (amdgpu?) handles things like audio passthrough?

    and Mesa (including the amdgpu pro driver) for Hardware decoding?

    Is this right?

  • Sadly, I'm not an AMD graphics guru or know all of its details. AMD = trial and error for now.

    Vega needs at least the Linux 4.18 something kernel, and I'm not sure if Milhouse's builds are already up to that level.

  • Exactly what I was looking for. Several months ago I asked about similar thing: HTPC with HDR support on LE. I asked about going down the way of discrete VGA, but chewitt rightfully discouraged me from doing so.

    Fast forward 6 months and I started digging again about 2160p HDR + Dolby Atmos setup. I already picked most of the components: Denon AVR X1400H + Asus TUF B450M-GAMING PLUS + AMD Ryzen 3 2200G, since Asus it's the only MB manufacturer (AFAIK) which officially supports HDMI 2.0b.Then I stumbled on this SFF forums thread. After that I checked LE forums and found this...

    Linux 4.18 kernel seems buggy regarding Vega support, but 4.19 is much better (according to tests on here).

    Currently, the way I watch HDR content is by putting it in LE Library (DLNA/UPNP streaming turned on), then accessing DLNA library from my TV. HDR works just fine, but the problem is stupid audio support on my TV (no Atmos or DTS HD) and stupid things like forwarding, slow response...

    I guess I still need to wait for proper support from Linux in order to fully immerse myself in LE-PC world again. :(

  • Did you already bought the stuff?

    The DLNA thing seems to be a very complex workaround. :(

    I really hope Kernel 4.19 or 5? will make things better.

    I have an AMD WX 3100 card (RX 550 equivalent) that I got pretty cheap and its low profile. Under Linux the performance is okay for what i am doing with it.(hardware decoding works great) But audio support is a nightmare! PCM only stereo.... DTS/DD working but with glitches and noise.... DTS-HD/TrueHD nope not working at all.. :(

    LibreElec 9 only plays crackling noise... ( where there should be one click - you hear an infinite echo)

    Yeah I know the wx 3100 is not a "htpc - grade" card but maybe it will work in the future...

    Time will tell

  • Hello Mitzsch,

    Fortunately, I put on hold every purchase (It's almost 1500€ for new MB, CPU, RAM, AVR) till LE come to final 9 release. It's pretty risky investing at this point.

    LE 8.90.006 bumped Linux kernel at 4.18.11 for x86_64. Site I mentioned above note that 4.19 is better for Vega. I will wait for final release and user experience reviews before I decide to upgrade.

    Regarding DLNA, it's really easy to turn it on in Kodi. Your TV should be able to see it momentarily. Kodi will sent just frames and your TV will decode it.

    Your problem with noise on DTS... Some AVRs can not accept DTS-HD-HRA on first HDMI. Just to be sure, use some other HDMI port on AVR. Somewhere recently I read that on some AVRs 1st HDMI can not recognize correctly [email protected], but other inputs can. Instead you need to send [email protected] transfered in [email protected] Not sure. Worth investigating. Also try setting PCM Fixed to On in your AVR settings if your AVR supports it.Your card has DP 1.4 port so it definitely supports DTS-HD. Maybe use high-bandwidth HDMI cable?

  • Yeah, 1500€ is very much.

    DLNA ok, thought that using it like that comes with a lot of problems.

    It's not only with DTS. It's with every sound source. Independent of format DTS/PCM/DD. Lossless formats like DTS-HD MASTER AUDIO or TrueHD are not working at all. -> PCM Fixed, I tried that but no luck

    The DTS-HD HRA bug was already fixed. ;) tested it with a Nvidia GT610 on my AVR. -> working great (all formats including MA/HRA)

    The WX3100 supports lossless formats, I've tested it with windows 10 -> working. So the cable shouldn't be a problem.

    Thanks anyways! :)