RTD1295/1296 devices

  • No, because there are no Mali T820 blobs in the sources released so even if the sources are complete and bootable (which is doubtful given the woeful combined reputations of SinoVOIP and Realtek) we can't create an OpenGLES environment for Kodi to run in. It may be possible to run a software OpenGL environment via Xorg, but CPU performance on ARM boards normally isn't great and we will remove support for Xorg in LE 10.0 so even if it runs it's not a technical direction we would invest time into. It's also unlikely there would be support for GBM and V4L2 hardware decoding as those depend on kernel frameworks that don't exist in Linux 4.9 (only in recent kernels). The final nail in the coffin: LE would not invest resources in any platform where the SoC vendor makes no effort to upstream to the Linux kernel (while releasing hardware that uses it, which constitutes a GPL violation). If they can't be arsed to support Linux properly, we can't be arsed to support their hardware.