Cant sign-in to youtube with web viewer on imx6

  • I installed the youtube addon, and in order to do anything i have to be signed in.
    The problem is that when i "thought" i could use the web viewer to login:
    it keep showing form item as password-hidden, <- this is prevent me from sigining in....

    it will not let me put in an email address...
    the workaround i found and used is this:
    First make sure that hidden files are shown (i think its under settings->apperances->file list)
    The two important places to locate and find are...

    if you have windows and kodi (either the full or portable):
    %appdata%/Roaming/kodi (windows 8/10 location)
    the portable_data folder


    in this case use windows 8/10 kodi to sign in, and once I'm in, copy and overwrite the folders.
    the only bad thing about this, there is a time limit before I after to repeat these steps....

    My problem is i should be able to do this from web viewer but cant, and when ssh'ing to attempt to install chroiumin,
    the system tells me it cant do it and i need to use the addon menu....
    when googling this, i keep get redirected to the rasp pi or droid version instead of mine....

  • The YouTube addon does not require you to log in to YouTube on your kodi machine. Just log in to youtube on any old computer and follow the instructions on the kodi machine.

  • nickr
    Thank you for letting me know.
    Since i use Kodi on muiltple systems:"PC", android, kodibuntu and now imx6, since i could copy the two folders and have it work, it kinda got stuck in my head that they're all the same.

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