Issues with LIbreelec / Flirc remote presses

  • I have a Chromebox running the current Libreelec, current generic build for 17, and a Flirc.

    Xbox Media Remote and Roku remote tested.

    When I scroll through videos, sometimes the remote takes off and scrolls at warp speed. I can click 20 times without issue and then it goes crazy in an infinite loop.

    I've checked Kodi and Flirc forums. I've adjusted Flirc settings to the max. I've used 2 different Flirc (1 with an old fireware) and different remotes. Same issue.

    I loaded Kodi to my laptop, and all works great with the Flirc. I remember using OpenElec years back with the same setup and never an issue. I can only assume it's Libreelec.

    Upon searching, I saw that disabling Lirc may be a fix, but still notta.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • Did you try the Flirc device in another USB port ?

    Try unplugging the Flirc device when it starts going crazy.

  • Yep. There are 2. Both freak out.

    I have to assume it's something odd with how it interacts with Libreelec?

    Works great with Kodi alone.

    If I try to "scroll" by holding the button, it works for 2 or 3 pages then I have to manually push through 1 at a time.

  • Any other solutions out there?
    I keep poking at it and can't figure it out. All instances of Kodi work but not via Libreelec......

  • Enable debug log in kodi and after the "incident" look into log file for a clues. You will see if flirc sends more key presses or is it some kodi issue.

    Blu-ray Disc Java menus support - forum thread, Github

    my lamp addon (unofficial/community) (limited no support)
    my touchscreen support and instructions by Grruhn (now touchscreen addon exists in repository)

  • The only other possibility that I can think of is the flirc device is located too close to the Chromebox. Try using a USB extension cable. This is documented on the following page:

    Chromebox - Official Kodi Wiki

    scroll way down to "Unreliable Wireless Devices attached to USB 3.0 ports"