Problem about MXQ Pro 4K with s905x

  • I've got a MXQ Pro 4K(S905x NOT S905) recently and tried to install LE. I used the dtb file p212_1g but the WiFi doesn't work and the vol- button of remote has no response.

    Is this a bug of LE or it's caused by the dtb file? Is there a solution?

  • There are many S905X boxes from A-Z and not all are the same.

    Unfortunately the only solution seems to be try the original dtb file and then work through the different dtb files to find one that works. I'm using glx_p212_2g.dtb on my Mecool S905X 2G and it works perfectly.

    Start reading from Here and looking at This. Also using the search function will help.

    I also assume you renamed p212_1g.dtb to dtb.img?

  • Thanks for your reply.

    Yes. I did rename the file to dtb.img and it boots normally. I'll check the detailed info of the wifi chip tonight.