Could the sound quality of music improve without volume control?

  • Thanks a lot to the team of Libreelec for this great tool!

    I am happy with the quality of the music from flac files playing through my avr by hdmi/optical.

    But the sound is even better when the music is playing using libreelec as upnp server. Maybe kodi needs to process pcm info before sending to hdmi/optical to allow volume control -maybe some other features- that could be degrade slightly the sound quality.

    How to volume control could be bypassed to get original pcm signal by hdmi/optical?

    (S912 - Minix U9 - Libreelec

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  • Only Passthrough Audio can bypass Kodi's volume control, PCM cannot I believe.

    I would also make sure these Kodi Settings > System > Audio options are disabled first:

    Number of Channels > whatever you Sound equiptment supports. SPDIF only supports 2.0 LPCM channels.

    Output configuration > Best Match

    Maintain Original Volume on Downmix > OFF

    Boost center channel when downmixing > 0DB

    Here is a OSMC Vero 4K thread that will interest you regarding AMLogic S9xx Linux & FLAC 24bit:

    Can Vero do bit-perfect playback? - Vero 4K / Vero 4K + - OSMC Forums

    The AMLogic Linux Kernel audio mods @graham8 talks about over there are also in the AML S9xx LE 8.2.5 releases found here:

    LE Google Drive Folder

    I do not know enough minute detail about Kodi audio to be of any further help.

  • I have updated to LE 8.2.5 and change some of those settings:

    - Number of Channels > 2 (unchanged)

    - Output configuration > Best Match (unchanged)

    - Maintain Original Volume on Downmix > OFF (changed from ON)

    - Booost center channel when downmixing > 0DB (changed from 10dB)

    and ... it works!! - Now, I cannot discern between playing by upnp and hdmi/optical.

    Many thanks for your help!

  • Great news !

    Out of interest does your AVR report on the audio bit depth of LPCM when LE / Kodi decodes FLAC ?

    is it showing 16 or 24bit ?