I used Creator to create USB which won't boot.

  • I also used it to Create an Sd card for my Raspberry Piv2 which worked fine.

    Is there something in a configuration file that needs to be changed on the Usb

  • It is specifically for The Raspberry pi.

    Not for any other device.

    My SD card has a problem and it can't be formatted. So I thought I would use a USB.

  • RPi v2 cannot boot from USB, it must always boot from SD card (the /storage partition can be relocated to a USB drive but the boot files must be on the SD card). Newer RPi hardware is different; RPi v3 can boot from USB once a config option is toggled in the firmware to enable it. RPi 3B+ firmware supports USB boot without needing the toggle.

  • Oh well that is probably why it won't work.


    Thank you very much! A new SD will help.

    Is there an instruction on how to relocate the storage on the USB?

  • edit /flash/cmdline.txt and set disk=/dev/sda1 where /dev/sda1 is an ext4 formatted USB drive