Bluetooth Audio suddenly not working (pi3+)

  • Been using Bluetooth Audio Device Changer add-on to be able to stream music from my Android phone to Kodi on my pi3+ for a month now. When I wanted to play some music today it wouldn't play anything, and when checking the logs it seems like something has happened, but I can't really figure out how to solve it. I've tried rebooting Kodi, power cycling by pulling out power cable, however, no luck so far. Also tried disabling and re-enablig bluetooth + uninstalling and reinstalling (also tried both versions available in the add-on repo) the Bluetooth Audio Device Changer add-on, but nothing. When I try to enable the addon I get an message about an error and that I should check the log file for more details.

    I've uploaded some of the log files to pastebin:

    If anyone has any input that can help me solve this it'd be great. If other log files are needed, let me know.

  • A couple of things for now, IMO:

    - If a totally fresh install of 8.2.5 only (no other addons) doesn't get BT audio to work, it could be a hardware problem.

    - Did the Bluetooth Audio Device Changer add-on recently get an update? It might have a bug, seeing the kodi.log entries. Contact its developer(s).

    - LE 8 = EOL, and will itself not get any more updates

    - Try LE 9 Alpha 3 for more results.

  • Thanks for the feedback: Tried upgrading to LE 9 Alpha 3 now (including the corresponding version of the add-on for LE 9), but no luck.

    Also tried to remove add-on, reset all BT related settings in system menu (including pairing with phone again). Pairing seemed to work fine, so it seems to me that the BT part actually works as it should. Can try to set an upload folder and see if I can send files to the pi3+ though.

    New log (seems to be the same errors as yesterday):

    Will try to do a fresh install later today, hopefully I'll figure it out before it comes to that though.

    Noticed one thing now; in the settings for the Bluetooth Audio Device Changer the audio device is set to iec958:CARD=sndallodigione,DEV=0, in e.g. librespot it shows default:CARD=sndallodigione, could this related to the problem?

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