Intel Gemini Lake - 4K Playback stuttering

  • Hi Guys,

    I am using a Asrock J4105 ITX Mainboard as basis for my HTPC PC with the current Leia Millhouse Build (8th august 2018). I have had this issue ever since and tried at least 30 different builds. While 1080p movies play just fine I get annoying stuttering with every 2160p Movie I throw at it. I messes around with adjusting refresh rate to the movie and so on but nothing helped. This thing should easily play 2160p mkv's without stuttering. CPU usage is below 20%. Do you have any suggestions I could try?`

    Thanks in advance!



  • . Do you have any suggestions I could try?`

    How about you provide a debug-enabled kodi.log file (via a pastebin website near you), so we can see some details for the video at hand.

  • Can you provide another logfile. Use the "cat /path/to/log | paste" service in LE instead of the Kodi uploader, as their paste service junks pastes rather quickly and it's no longer visible.