Startup Kodi Crash libreelec 8.90.003 raspberry pi 3

  • Interesting. I've tested TVH on RPI3 without issues.

    1) Is this RPI3 or RPi3+

    2) Can you provide the output of

    dmesg | paste

    lsmod | paste

    lsusb | paste

    3) I assume TVH was installed via LE repository.

  • It was just one crash. Today there were no crashes again.

    i just use the tvh client (the official addon) not the tvh server on the libreelec rpi. I have an extra tvheadend server.

    Its a rpi3 without +.

    dmesg | paste & lsmod | paste ( generating same link)

    lsusb | paste

    I think the logs are only usefull if i have the tvh server on the same device, i am right ?

    Best regards