Pi Zero W + MicroUSB-Lan Dongle Not Recognized

  • Hi All - First off I am new to the forum so I will apologize in advance for any infractions I might be doing, just let me know so i don't repeat.

    I did the usual search before making this thread.

    I have a Pi Zero W I run LibreElec 8.25 and I have a micro USB dongle with a Lan Port.

    I can't get Eth0 to work.

    Currently connected to 2.4ghz Wifi.

    I have the Kore Android App to Remote into it.

    I have also enabled SSH and can get it.

    I do not know how to access and read logs yet. I quick link to how I can do this would be much appreciated.

    I want to use Lan as opposed to Wifi in order to use Faster/More Reliable Connections.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Took a little extra time apparently I'm getting an error 32.

  • Looks to me as if there is not enough power to "power" your devices. Firstly look at the amperage of you PSU to the RPi and secondly try using a powered hub.

  • The Error Still exists... BUT

    guess what. I decided to plug in stuff anyways and for some reason the Devices work.

    I have a non-descript white micro usb from china with 3 usb ports and a lan port.

    the USB ports run on Libreelec despite the weird log errors. the lan port I gave up on it.