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    I have seen quite a few PiZero W videos that show folks sticking the Pi into a PC Usb port allowing them control the Pi via SSH and such. But the Pi is on Raspbian.

    I'm hoping this functionality is available for the PiZeroW while on LibreElec OS.

    (I want to transfer files faster and the PizeroW and USB is certainly faster than any 2.4ghz Wifi and there is no ethernet port in this pi)

    Can anyone point me in the right direction. I found libreelec's config.txt but I can't find the command;ine.txt. Will it even work? Help please

    The Error Still exists... BUT

    guess what. I decided to plug in stuff anyways and for some reason the Devices work.

    I have a non-descript white micro usb from china with 3 usb ports and a lan port.

    the USB ports run on Libreelec despite the weird log errors. the lan port I gave up on it.

    Took a little extra time apparently I'm getting an error 32.

    Hi All - First off I am new to the forum so I will apologize in advance for any infractions I might be doing, just let me know so i don't repeat.

    I did the usual search before making this thread.

    I have a Pi Zero W I run LibreElec 8.25 and I have a micro USB dongle with a Lan Port.

    I can't get Eth0 to work.

    Currently connected to 2.4ghz Wifi.

    I have the Kore Android App to Remote into it.

    I have also enabled SSH and can get it.

    I do not know how to access and read logs yet. I quick link to how I can do this would be much appreciated.

    I want to use Lan as opposed to Wifi in order to use Faster/More Reliable Connections.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.