[Solved] Android Phone SSH

  • Greetings!

    I have LibreELEC installed on my laptop. I don't have wifi, and instead use my phone's mobile hotspot to connect the laptop to internet. I use the Kore remote app with no problems.

    I am trying to connect to the laptop using the app "JuiceSSH" and every time I try to connect, it gives an error "connection is closed by a foreign host". I have SSH enabled in the settings, and I am using the same IP address that I use in Kore.

    If anybody has any suggestions, I appreciate it.

    Sorry if this was answered elsewhere. I'm very new to this, and a cursory search didn't provide an answer.

    Thanks friends!

  • Our SSH implementation is just normal SSH, nothing exotic. Make sure you didn't enable "disable password authentication" by accident.

  • I've been using JuiceSSH for ages without any issues. I would check that you haven't enabled telnet instead of ssh. Also check the amount of connections going through your "hotspot" as there might be a limit.