X99 TV BOX RK3399 Mali - T860MP4 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM

  • Hello.

    I bought a X99 TV BOX RK3399 Mali - T860MP4 4GB RAM + 32GB ROM Android 7.1 HDR10 2.4G + 5G + AC WIFI BT4.1 X99 TV BOX - $134.81 Free Shipping|GearBest.com

    Android OS absolutely nothing. KODI work on it poorly. h264 accelerators are not working.

    And I need only KODI. I have an old RPi with LibreELEC. And I love he very much. I tried all four LibreELEC-RK3399 images on the X99. Works LibreELEC-RK3399.arm-9.0-nightly-20180806-7dc6d6b-rock960.img.gz. But the network card does not work. Is there a probability that the X99 will be fully functional?

    Sorry for my english.

  • The device tree file describes the hardware of the box and how chips are internally connected and the Linux kernel uses this to bring up support for the hardware. The majority of Android boxes follow SoC reference designs so the core layout is common and quite predictable, and our kernel is deliberately generic enough that it should run on most RK3399 devices, but unless you boot with the correct device tree file we may not initialise the hardware correctly; i.e. the box may not boot, or it might boot but you end up with missing Ethernet or Wifi, etc.

  • I've been testing LibreElec on X99 for over a month now. Initial work work was done by @tenfar (GitHub) along with led driver. I have made few changes to the device tree.

    Everything works, except bitstreaming for DTS HD MA.

  • npcomplete, Good day.

    I have tested the LibreELEC-RK3399.aarch64-9.0-devel-20180825131312-198df11-skykirinx99 build. Thanks. Then I copy to mmcblk1p1 new KERNEL and SYSTEM. After that HW decoding begin to work. But spdif sound not work. No driver in kernel. Also, led indicator not work, beacause it needs the kernel driver and userspace binary.

    Have you the source code of skykirin-ht1628 and its patch for kernel? Also, I need dts file of rk3399-skykirinx99.dtb for build new kernel with more drivers. Do you have it?

  • Good day.

    Have anybody tested the libre-image on X99?

    I have compiled alfa-version from git sources with changes from npcomplete rep. I tested it. Almost all videos works fine, but I have problem with sound rockchip-spdif passthrough. Sound skips fragments and also goes to hdmi sound with skips.

    npcomplete, I added your driver to kernel and userspase binary. But time display not wirking. Netmon works. Time not shown, only "Load" string.

    Update: When I have compiled aarch64, the led indicator works fine.

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  • Hdmi passthrough will not work on DTS HDMA or Dolby True HD as alsa plugin isn't in place for rockchip.

    I've not tried spdif passthrough though.

    I've not noticed any skips. I have a old Denon receiver.

  • Good day dear kodi programmers.

    After today update VP9 decode don't work. Send the log file?

    But CEC function work fine today.

    I tested with problem video files and attach log. Note, that in yesterday build those videos work fine.


    Update 13.11.2018

    I have update the rkmpp pakage to latest from git, and now vp9 is works.

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