System not working, factory date in upper right corner?

  • I'm new to this forum and when i woke up this morning the system did not work. I have a box connected to my tv and the date and time in the upper right corner suddenly now says 1:01, thursday, 1 january 2015 every time i restart the box. The tv fanblade has gone.

    Does anyone know what could be the case here? I just missed the formula 1 qualifying. =O

  • You're running which box with what LE Version? Anyway sounds like the time is being reset to a default setting, cause the very most devices don't have a internal clock, as such they get the current time per ntp. So maybe connection is lost ( check LAN cable or WLAN settings), also check ntp settings. Other devices in network can connect to i-net?

  • Provide the URL from dmesg|paste and journalctl|paste

    You'll probably need to upgrade (if possible) to the latest version, as issues may have been fixed in later release.

  • Do you have network connection right from the start?

    Or does "Wait for network" need to be enabled?