S905X vs S905H - 4K video plays fine on S905H but stutters on S905X

  • I have been using OpenPHT on the Wetek Hub (S905h) for the last few years and it plays almost everything perfectly (its cant do VP9). After getting an LG OLED Tv I wanted to upgrade my experience to HDR so I bought a Vero 4K (S905X). I am running the same version of OpenPHT (Veisen 1.9) on both and both are on an Ethernet connection (both are 10/100). Both play everything I throw at them when the bitrate is ~20 to 30Mbps and I get HDR with the Vero but when watching certain 4K TV episodes (Direct Play - 40Mbps stream from a local Plex server) the Hub plays without any issue but the Vero 4K stutters and has artifacts. Has anyone else experienced this or know what might be causing it? Is the S905H that much more powerful than the S905X that it can play higher bitrate files? /shrug

  • My suggestion would be to contact either the Plex OpenPHT forum and/or the OSMC forum and submit your Vero trouble(s).

  • Klojum Thanks, I guess it was more of an Amlogic S905H vs S905X question. I played the same file in LibreELEC ( and the same thing happened so I was wondering what was going on.

  • WeTek Hub definately has Gigabit Ethernet.

    Virtually all S905X have Fast Ethernet only aka 100M

    You should be using NFS networking with 100M if having issues or buy a USB3 > Gigabit Ethernet adapter. The Vero 4K support forum has such a thread on adapters.

    The HDR capable S905D K1 Pro I believe has Gigabit Ethernet as well as specific S912 platforms.

    There are some Networkng improvements in my S905 LE 8.2.4.x versions BUT you should also use NFS networking. That is the key on 100M only platforms

  • Thanks wrxtasy I didnt know the Hub had Gbit. As part of my testing I moved both the Wetek Hub and the Vero to WiFi and both connected at 433Mbps according to my router. The same thing happened, playing a 4K file at 40Mbps stuttered on the Vero but was fine on the Wetek Hub. I played a 90Mbps file on the Hub (Avengers Infinity War IMAX trailer) and it played that fine too. The Vero stuttered after a second or too and did not play it. (This happened when I played it in OSMC also on the internal storage). It was just a curiosity more than anything and not a huge issue. Maybe its the installation, the Wetek Hub was originally the official version of OpenPHT Embedded by the Rasplex team that I upgraded to veisen version but I used veisen image for the Vero. Anyway the version I am using is a devel version so I will live with it.