Add a Kodi addon to build process

  • Hello.

    I have already sucessfully made a simple LibreElec addon with a simple linux programm.

    But I still can't understand, how to add a Kodi addon, that is distributed by his creator as a zip file, to LibreElec to build.

    What is the process of adding Kodi addon to build process? What files should I create or/and change for it?

    Thank you!;)

  • Try looking at an existing addon.

    If your add-on is a binary add-on - ie. it contains C/C++ code - then look (for example) at pvr.demo, and if not - ie. it's 100% Python and/or XML - then look at something like the LibreELEC-settings package.

    You need to add the package (ie. to the build, with the linking to your add-on source repo, then you need the package to be included in the build by adding the package name as a "PKG_DEPENDS_TARGET" in packages/virtual/mediacenter/