Chromium on PaspberryPi?

  • Hi.

    So.. is Chromium under LibreELEC on a RaspberryPi possible or not?

    I've stumbled upon some saying it IS possible through Docker somehow.. but I never found a step-by-step clear instructions on HOW to do it... and can't figure it out myself :blush:

    So... can anyone give me a clear answer to this? :)

  • There is a development docker container for RPi Github but I'm pretty sure it will not work because it looks like it requires a X server for it to work - which Kodi doesn't use on the RPi.

    I would say that Chromium under LE is not possible on a RPi. An X86 is a different answer.

  • It's possible, but basically requires you to run a full desktop OS like Ubuntu in a docker container. There is no "native" way to run things on RPi because we run Kodi on the framebuffer not an Xorg environment.

    The situation might change in the future if GBM support evolves in Chrome (for ChromeOS) as the next generation of Linux graphics pipeline in Kodi also uses DRM/GBM to support V4L2.

  • Apols not Pi but a RK3399 Pi clone RockPro64 we have the same probs especially now Chrome rather than Chromium seems to be the choice in the addons.

    I noticed that OPenGL ES (DRM/GBM) is now working in your latest Leia images for the RockPro64, so does this mean that in Leia we could see a return to Chromium.
    The RK3399 is directly supported in ChromiumOS via the gru builds used by the Samsung & Asus chromebooks so I am hoping so.

    CvH link from above Running Chromium with Ozone-GBM on a GNU/Linux desktop

  • we could see a return to Chromium

    We don't build our self chrom/ium anymore because this was a mess and unmaintainable, we need to wait till GBM is also at the official build. Then an inclusion is likely easily possible for all GBM platforms.