• Question - I'm looking to install Libreelec on one of these machines, 4k or 3D not necessary, but DTS-MA and Dolby Tru-HD is required.

    Is anyone aware if either of these machines support HD audio passthrough? Also if there are many major benefits/differences between these two machines? I have no intentions to stream games or anything, just want it for Kodi only. Although I do like the remote for the shield TV..

    Let me know!

  • There are no publicly released images for LE on the shield so that can be eliminated. Have a look at for instructions on how to install LE to the Chromebox.

  • Awesome, thanks for the reply! One coming in the mail!

    depending on the cost difference, you may want to look at the Chromebox 3 (N017U) instead, since it will handle 4K, HEVC/VP9, etc so makes it a bit more future-proof. I'll be adding support for all the 2018 Chromebox models very shortly :)

    But as chewitt said, full support for Chromeboxes running Kodi is available via my website and the Kodi Chromebox wiki page

  • Interesting, good call. Thanks for the heads up!

    np. Any/all of the 2018/Kabylake-based Chromeboxes (Asus, HP, CTL, Acer, Viewsonic) will be supported. The HP/CTL Celeron 3865U boxes are right at $200 which is pretty reasonable IMO (and the Asus is only $30 more)