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    Awesome, thanks for the reply! One coming in the mail!

    depending on the cost difference, you may want to look at the Chromebox 3 (N017U) instead, since it will handle 4K, HEVC/VP9, etc so makes it a bit more future-proof. I'll be adding support for all the 2018 Chromebox models very shortly :)

    But as chewitt said, full support for Chromeboxes running Kodi is available via my website and the Kodi Chromebox wiki page


    You are the man! Which was known already :)

    thanks :)


    Whats the easyest way to upgrade the UEFI bios in the future when new features and such are put in place?

    boot a compatible Linux USB and update using my Firmware Utility Script. I used to have a separate script for Chromeboxes to run under OE/LE, but it was too cumbersome to maintain once I started supporting more than one model (I support close to 30 now) so now I just tell people to boot an OS with a real bash shell :)

    Did some reading if I understand correctly, I will need to boot Ubuntu from a USB to run the script. Now not sure which of the 3 firmware options I need to chose, but I'm guessing full rom firmware? I have 3 Dell, 1 ASUS, and 1 HP chromeboxes, it should apply to all, correct? Will LibreELEC need to be reinstalled?

    Full ROM firmware, UEFI, reinstall afterwards. If the Firmware Utility Script detects either the Dell or HP boxes as an Asus box (due to running older/unified firmware), you'll need to do the following to correct that:

    - use the unlock option of the script
    - restore the stock firmware, choosing the correct make/model
    - install/update the RW_LEGACY firmware
    - set the boot options/GBB Flags to Legacy + 1s
    - reboot w/Ubuntu USB
    - re-run script, install Full ROM firmware, UEFI option
    - reboot
    - reinstall LibreELEC from USB

    If your Chromebox was originally set up using the older Legacy Boot (SeaBIOS) firmware, the video BIOS used for graphics init can have some handshaking issues with newer/4K displays. The UEFI firmware used by the EZ Setup Script now has a different graphics init that seems to be more compatible overall. What you can do is backup your existing setup, update to the UEFI firmware, reinstall LE, and then restore your setup. If that doesn't work, I have a new test firmware that might do the trick, just shoot me an email at MrChromebox at gmail

    I am running LE 7.02 on a Lenovo Thinkcentre Chromebox, set up using the "" script from MrChromebox. Fairly often my device will freeze forcing me to do a hard reboot. It has frozen a few times during video playback - often when I leave it paused for a long period of time, but the issue generally occurs when returning to the menu from video playback. I'll be left with the menu screen with none of the items in the menu populated.

    I have looked at the logs, but I can't find anything of interest, other than a bunch of notices that the system was unable to resolve the machine hosting my video/audio libraries (via SMB), but this doesn't seem to be the problem because I can access those files flawlessly.

    Might this be the baytrail kernel issue?

    Post a debug log here and on Kodi's Linux/Live support forum. You shouldn't be having any playback-related issues at all with a clean install of 7.0.2

    You don't have a Baytrail device (all Lenovo Chromeboxes are Broadwell), so no not an issue.

    After being flashed with my custom firmware, a Chromebox is just another SFF x86_64 box, like a Haswell/Broadwell NUC, so it's fully supported.
    The Kodi Chromebox E-Z Setup Script thread is for setup/installation/firmware issues; playback issues aren't hardware specific and will get better visibility in the main Linux support forum

    Ok I'm glad someone else brought this up cause I thought I was going crazy. I noticed it since switching from OE on my chromebox. For me it can happen after playing content from my NAS or IPTV.

    I'll lookup how to get a debug log and post it.

    can't say I've seen anything like this here on any of my boxes that have been upgraded from OE to LE, but it's all speculation without a debug log - post it here and on the Kodi Linux support forum as I mentioned above