Geniatech Mygica HDStar DVB-S2 USB HD not working

  • Hi, i've problem with dvb960, tuner is recognized but don't tunes any thing. I solve this in my case, suppliying voltaje to lnb with another satbox, because in my case and I think is a driver problem, the dvb960 does not send the 12v to lnb....

    May be this can help you... Have you tested output voltaje from your tunner vía multimeter?

  • Hi sdf, anything new?


    Sadly no.

    I've sent a message to Crazycat as suggested by CvH but got no answer.

    What about trying to make a diff between updatelee and crazycat sources (and maybe original kernel and media_build sources)?

    I'm not a programmer nor a great expert, but maybe starting from ds3000 and m88ds3103 sources we will find the culprit.

    What do you think?

    To Danilp.

    Thank you, will try your suggestion.

    Anyway I think this should be solved by making the necessary changes to the drivers, because updatelee drivers work perfectly.



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  • Hi Aiden.

    I've diff between Updatelee sources and 5.3.1 kernel sources, and found differences in ds3000.c, m88ds3103.c and in particular many differences in dw2102.c.

    Tried only to substitute the .c and .h files but had a compile error.

    Did you find diffs only in ds3000.c with Crazycat drivers?

    Did you examine also dw2102.c?

    Anyway, even if you manage to compile patched Crazycat drivers, how could this be integrated into Libreelec?

    Updatelee drivers work out of the box.

    Could it be possible to add them to the list of addon drivers in Libreelec?



  • Anyone has found a solution for ds3000/m88ds3103 devices?

    Still can't use libreelec.

    Only updatelee drivers.

    Is it possible to report the bug to kernel developers?

    Sent a message to Crazycat but he didn't answer.