Xiaomi Laser Projector

  • Hi,

    I've just bought a device. It has S905 cpu. How can I make some test on it? It would be nice to run KODI on it.

    If it boots from USB key does it overwrite something in the uboot scripts on the device?

    I really wouldn't make changes on the device against the warranty.

    best regards, Gabor

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  • If the Xiaomi Laser Projector is running Android TV, which I believe it is chances are it will have a locked Bootloader that does not even check upon bootup the presence of microSDHC card or USB stick.

    End result in that case will be No LibreELEC possible. Exactly the same problem with the Xiaomi Mi Box.

  • Xiaomi Laser Projector use Amlogic T968 soc for TV and it use MIUI android OS.

    At start of this year was presented a version with android TV in Europe ,but it's not release yet.