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    I've just bought a device. It has S905 cpu. How can I make some test on it? It would be nice to run KODI on it.

    If it boots from USB key does it overwrite something in the uboot scripts on the device?

    I really wouldn't make changes on the device against the warranty.

    best regards, Gabor

    Hi kszaq,

    Your libreelec build works fine, thank you for your fantastic work! :)
    I have MXQ Pro 4k. When I push Vol+ the movie jumps ahead some seconds instead of put volume up...
    Sometimes when I push nothing happened...

    best regards, Gabor

    Boot.ini support needs to be implemented in u-boot (bootloader) and that is not a part of my builds. You would have to ask your box manufacturer for u-boot source code, patch it and flash to internal memory to support boot.ini.

    Hi kszaq,

    1. something=if fatload mmc 0 ${loadaddr} boot.ini; then env import -t ${loadaddr} 0x1000; ...

    you may use this method in your aml_autoscript. In this way you don't need to modify uboot.

    best regards, Gabor

    Hi kszaq,

    thank you for your amazing work and supporting S905!

    I have tested 001 build on two S905...
    - aml_autoscript installation didn't worked... I had to run autoscript manually from bootloader.
    - WiFi worked after disable and re-enable.
    MXQ Pro 4k: aml_autoscript and WiFi works fine.

    Both of the devices:
    - fast boot, no freeze, remote control strange (some situation back button doesn't work, needed to use "back with X")
    - 720p avi and mkv play smooth from my NAS
    - I got a lot of buffering freeze while play on my udp stream (maybe a kodi issue)

    good work!