Kaby Lake-R Intel NUC7i7DNHE

  • Which build will the LibreELEC community recommend? Milhouse Leia builds?

    What about GB RAM and GB SSD? Any recommendations? Thank you. :)

    KODI Leia 18.0, LIBREELEC v8.90.003 Alpha

    Intel NUC 4250U in Abel H2 chassis, 40PFL9704

  • 2GB RAM is more than enough for any LE install. 16GB of SSD is more than enough for a huge library; assuming media is on a NAS somewhere else. These days it's hard to find anything smaller than 64GB though. LE 8.2.5 should be fine on Kabylake. It's only the very latest generations that need newer kernels.

  • upgrade first LSPCON - HDMI Firmware before you jump from Windows into LE, latest firmware have fixes for HD audio ;)