[SOLVED] Screen flickering (brightness changes)

  • I am experiencing serious screen flickering recently. Not because of lost or delayed frames but a flickering caused by changes in the brightness of the screen. After booting LE everything is fine, then the flickering slowly starts and gains intensity (~30-60mins). The flickering is not a regular pattern but reminds me of the flickering of a I/O status led of a network switch. An interesting fact might also be that if I disconnect the HDMI Cable of the Beebox and reconnect it without rebooting the flickering is also gone for a while but will appear again some time later. I had these issues 1-2 years ago with the OpenElec releases at that time, but this issue was long gone. Now it is back.

    I am using LE 8.2.5 on a ASROCK Beebox N3150 connected via HDMI to a Marantz NR1604 AVR connected via HDMI to a Sony VPL-HW40ES beamer.

    What I should also mention is that I also use a PS4 connected to the AVR and beamer without any issues. So the beamer and the AVR are ok.

    Is this a HW problem of the Beebox or an issue with the LE graphics driver? :/

  • I'd still start with (possibly) a different HDMI cable and to leave out the AVR, so you can connect to the TV directly with your N3150 device. Just to keep a clean-as-possible approach.

  • I actually solved it by changing the signal refresh rate in LE from 50Hz to 60Hz and back. Don't ask me why it is gone now, but it is.

  • Klojum

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