Odroid C2 NPVR Timeshift causes No Tuner Available

  • Enabling Timeshift for Live TV in the NPVR Addon causes a No Tuner Available message. Running LE 8.2.5 on both Odroid C2 and Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ units. RPi does not have the issue.

    Original incorrect post:

    I just got an Odroid C2 to play around with. I've been using 3B+ units as NextPVR clients.

    The Odroid C2 fails to tune into MPEG2 PVR channels with MPEG2 Acceleration enabled. With it disabled, the CPU is not fast enough to decode a stream.

    Is amcodec/mpeg2 acceleration not fully supported by LE?

  • I believe that is a result of KODI trying to use MPEG2 Acceleration when it's not available. If I disable MPEG2 acceleration, that message is not present.

    I have no problems with RPi LE.

  • The below is a recording from NextPVR. I've copied it directly to the 'Video' folder on the Odroid and it played normally. Odd. I tried a different PVR Addon to the same CableCard tuners and it plays successfully. This appears to be a NextPVR Addon issue that is specific to the Odroid. I have 2 RaspberryPi 3B+ units and 1 3B using the NextPVR Addon without issue.

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. On to a different forum...

    • Codec MPEG2VIDEO
    • Bitrate 13524 kbps
    • Bit Depth 8
    • Chroma Location left
    • Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
    • Closed Captions 1
    • Color Range tv
    • Frame Rate 59.94 fps
    • Height 720
    • Level 4
    • Profile main
    • Ref Frames 1
    • Scan Type progressive
    • Stream Identifier 1041
    • Width 1280
    • Codec AC3
    • Channels 5.1
    • Bitrate 448 kbps
    • Language English
    • Audio Channel Layout 5.1(side)
    • Sampling Rate 48000 Hz
  • The issue is caused by Timeshift for Live TV which does work on a RPi. Odroid and RPi both running LE 8.2.5.

    Is this likely an issue with the NPVR Addon or LE/KODI?