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    The initial 8.2.4 reboot issues were fixed with 8.2.5. After jumping through versions with the 3B+ including 8.2.4, 8.2.5, and various 9.0 nightlies, I've gone back to 8.2.4.

    It's the only build for a 3B+ that seems stable with the NextPVR addon and watching CableCard broadcast through an HDHomeRun Prime.

    Everything else either crashes during playback or in the case of 9.0 nightlies, has issues with interlaced video and black/flickering screens.

    I'm sticking with failed reboots once in a while and have disabled updates...

    The below is a recording from NextPVR. I've copied it directly to the 'Video' folder on the Odroid and it played normally. Odd. I tried a different PVR Addon to the same CableCard tuners and it plays successfully. This appears to be a NextPVR Addon issue that is specific to the Odroid. I have 2 RaspberryPi 3B+ units and 1 3B using the NextPVR Addon without issue.

    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. On to a different forum...

    • Codec MPEG2VIDEO
    • Bitrate 13524 kbps
    • Bit Depth 8
    • Chroma Location left
    • Chroma Subsampling 4:2:0
    • Closed Captions 1
    • Color Range tv
    • Frame Rate 59.94 fps
    • Height 720
    • Level 4
    • Profile main
    • Ref Frames 1
    • Scan Type progressive
    • Stream Identifier 1041
    • Width 1280
    • Codec AC3
    • Channels 5.1
    • Bitrate 448 kbps
    • Language English
    • Audio Channel Layout 5.1(side)
    • Sampling Rate 48000 Hz

    Enabling Timeshift for Live TV in the NPVR Addon causes a No Tuner Available message. Running LE 8.2.5 on both Odroid C2 and Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+ units. RPi does not have the issue.

    Original incorrect post:

    I just got an Odroid C2 to play around with. I've been using 3B+ units as NextPVR clients.

    The Odroid C2 fails to tune into MPEG2 PVR channels with MPEG2 Acceleration enabled. With it disabled, the CPU is not fast enough to decode a stream.

    Is amcodec/mpeg2 acceleration not fully supported by LE?

    I'd like to add to this post for people attempting to configure Putty for connecting from a Windows environment. The information is here and there but seemingly not all in one place. The following steps got me (a linux ignoramus) going:

    If you are here, it is assumed that you already have Putty installed and know how to login to LE SSH. WinSCP will be a required download.

    1. Generate/Save Public and Private Keys (.pub and .ppk) with PuttyGen (Included with Putty)

    2. Copy Public Key (.pub) to LE (/storage/.ssh) with WinSCP (Show Hidden files In 'Options \ Preferences \ Panels \ Common')

    3. Use Putty to Run the following commands in SSH session:

    ssh-keygen -i -f ~/.ssh/ > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    chmod 700 ~/.ssh
    chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

    4. Configure/Save new Putty Session:

    • Enter Host\IP
    • Navigate to 'Connection\Data' and enter 'root' for 'Auto-login username'
    • Navigate to 'Connection\SSH\Auth' and click 'Browse' to select previously generate private key (.ppk)
    • Navigate back to 'Session' and specify a Session Name before clicking 'Save'

    5. Disable SSH Password in Kodi LE Settings

    The saved session in Putty should connect at this point using the Public/Private key combination.

    I hope this provides useful reference for others as this thread was one of the first Google hits when I searched for instructions. Beyond that, I now have reference for when I forget how to do this :)

    I'm using a Class 10 Sandisk and a Class 10 Samsung, 16GB and 32GB in my two units. The graph was copying a video file to the Pi via unmanaged GbE switch. The issue is not max speed, 20MBps is spec. The issue is the constant dips down to 0. I do not experience this with Workstations on the same network.

    I'll test some more and possibly explore different SD cards.

    I seem to have the same LAN performance from 8.2.4 -> 8.2.5. I have two 3B+ units with different modes of connection - 1) Direct LAN via switch 2) LAN via wireless bridge. Both units show odd SAMBA performance as they did with 8.2.4. WinSCP doesn't seem to have the same same dips/crashes in throughput (See attached).

    I believe I would not fall into an unusual network configuration for at least one of my units. I've attempted a memory over volt (over_voltage_sdram=1) with no change in performance.

    Can anyone confirm that LibreElec 8.2.4 connects using 802.11ac on the 3B+? When I set my router to only accept 802.11ac connections, I am unable to connect. When set to 802.11n/ac mode, I am able to connect.

    I have a Generic Intel/Nvidia LibreElec setup right next to this Pi that streams perfectly using 802.11ac. This Pi using what I'm guessing is 802.11n buffers constantly. A wired connection to the 3B+ does not buffer.


    The 8.2.5 release appears to have fixed this issue. There was an error message while connecting but the result was a connected and working 802.11ac connection.

    The Wifi is smoothly streaming from LAN file sources as well as and HD PVR server.