NOTICE: Suspension of contributors @adamg and @Raybuntu

  • This morning LibreELEC board member @xe received written notices from GDPR-2 and GDPR-1 demanding their GDPR Article-17 right to have all personal information held by the project deleted from our systems. They have further requested we remove all of their forum posts and purge any data stored on team webspace. To prevent further creation and propagation of their data while we clarify our GDPR obligations and investigate what technical steps may be required, we have suspended their accounts.

    It's a shame to see this level of deliberately awkward activity, but we aren't going to fight their decision. Other forks in our ecosystem (Lakka, OpenPHT, PlexEmbedded, etc.) exist happily as derivatives of LibreELEC and their team members regularly and proactively contribute to our codebase. From the outset CoreELEC proclaimed total independence and leading team members have repeatedly stated they will not contribute back to LibreELEC. We don't really care that CoreELEC exists and we've been ignoring derogatory statements for the sake of peace, but continuing to host their drama and noise in our forum has zero upside for LibreELEC if they refuse to participate in our project. It is unclear whether other CoreELEC contributors with presence in our forum will request the same trip to /dev/null or would prefer to retain their status and become supportive and helpful participants to our project.

    The Board

  • vpeter: If you believe there to be any inaccuracy then by all means post more detail, however you haven't been present on LibreELEC Slack for several months (your choice) so you may not be aware of all the drama prior to Adam making the decision to quit Team LibreELEC. However, I'm sure you're aware of the derogatory comments subsequently made on other forums so I'm really not sure what issue you have, unless you believe Adams side of the story (hint: don't).

    As for the events of today, they are exactly as described and we are investigating what needs to be done under EU regulations.

  • From Adam: