nfs.mount not working

  • If your source is providing NFS natively,

    it's better to set LE/CE to use NFS shares in OS - mount them on OS level.

    Kodi has NFS functionality, but, IMHO, it's like an addon, which works relatively slower and buggier...

  • Theoretically, since some updates, Windows 10 should work with NFS.

    My experience shows that 10 Enterprise eats NFS shares, Pro - freezes to the point of rescue mode and the only remedy is to remove the NFS services in this emergency mode.

    The above is said about Windows 10 as NFS client.

    It seems rather pointless to me to set Windows as an NFS server, stick with SMB and if you're adamant to use SMB v2/3+ shares without credentials, there is a registry crack/hack/fix for it. :)

  • imho, if you run a windows server use smb, if linux then nfs.

    It's damn easy with macOS, install free NFS Manager then point and click.

    Then in Kodi all that is needed is to select Zeroconf and all the hard work is done.