Send 'Wake-On-Lan' before mounting via.config/system.d/foo-bar.mount?

  • Hi!

    I noticed that my connection speed to samba shares is 3-5 times faster using the native linux mount compared to smb-shares in Kodi. I already managed to create the necessary files in .config/system.d and mounting is working. However, my server is not running all the time. Therefore, I need to send a WOL paket before the system tries to mount the shares. The normal wake-on-lan function from Kodi is executed to late and it seems als that the "" script is executed after "mounting". Any suggestion how to fix my WOL issue?

  • max12

    Changed the title of the thread from “Wake-On-Lan before mounting via.config/system.d/foo-bar.mount?” to “Send 'Wake-On-Lan' before mounting via.config/system.d/foo-bar.mount?”.