Fresh LibreELEC 8.2.4 on Odroid C2: How to make RC6 remotes work?

  • Hello everyone,

    I've recently installed LE 8.2.4 on an Odroid C2. I'm using an old Harmony One remote with the Hardkernel Odroid C2 profile (emulates Hardkernel's official remote). Works without a problem. Unfortunately it doesn't have a lot of buttons.

    So I would like to make the Harmony use a generic RC6 remote profile. But with such a profile, the C2 doesn't react to buttons being pressed (LIRC is turned off in the LE settings addon).

    What's the easiest way to make an RC6 remote work? Most sources say that it should work out of the box, that's why I'm hoping it's just a small thing.

  • I also asked the same question several times here in the past few days with no answer. Out of the box it works with LE 9, not 8.

  • So with LE 9 RC6 remotes work with the Odroid C2? If that's the case, I'll just wait and use the few buttons + Yatse for now. Don't really want to do some complicated LIRC setup that becomes obsolete with LE 9.

  • I didn't own Harmony One remote and not sure which LE 8.2 build you're using. However, I have been using Raybuntu's LE Krypton and Leia builds (now discontinued) on my Odroid-C2 with MCE remote (bought so many years ago). All media control keys are working with LIRC turned on. Perhaps you can try to program your Harmony One as a MCE remote and turn on the LIRC in the LE setting.