Epg guide for iptv, Tvheadend

  • Hi guys.

    I’ve been running Tvheadend on my Debian based server for a couple of years now with an old sky dish and 4x pci-e dvb-s tuners. This works great.

    However I’ve just cancelled sky and I am using a paid iptv service for extra channels. This works good except the Kodi addon for it is not very wife friendly, so I decided to look into adding the iptv into Tvheadend. I’ve added it and all the channels seem to be working good. But I cannot get the epg data to show for the iptv channels. My provider gave me a web link for a xmltv epg but I can see anywhere to input this into Tvheadend. I’ve tried reading a few guide but can get my head around it.

    I’m using Tvheadend 4.2, I also have access to a scheduled direct account if that’s easier.

    Thanks for any input.

  • I believe there are two steps for this...

    First, on the tvheadend webUI - go to the CONFIGURATION > CHANNEL/EPG > EPG GRABBER MODULES tab and enable the External: XMLTV grabber.

    Then in Kodi, in the Tvheadend service addon settings, go to the XMLTV category and set the XMLTV source type to WEB and put your web link address in the XMLTV Web location setting.

    Then you can either trigger the internal epg grabber on the tvheadend webUI to update or reboot and see if it goes and gets the data. (do note that if you reboot, it may take a couple of minutes before the grabber runs)

    Hope that helps.

  • thanks.

    I’ll give it a try when the misses finished watching towie.