Harmony 900 and unused keys

  • I have an Alfawise H96 Pro+ and currently i'm using the original RC most of the time. I also have a Harmony 900 and learned the keys from original RC. Now i'm thinking, if it is possible to use all keys of the Harmony, for example Forward, Rewind, Play, Stop, Record (for PVR), Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, ....

    The Original RC uses the NEC protocol? So can i choose a device in the Harmony config, that supports NEC and more keys? Any ideas? Which device could i use?


  • Not sure what version you are using, but builds pre 8.9.40? used the remote config way

    I followed this Guide - using a Harmony with amlogic devices

    You can have a "second remote" if you still want to use the original remote

    new builds use a different way

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  • Just for my information and maybe someone can use this too. I use LE9 (8.90.6 or later dev package).

    I used the [email protected] HD2400 profile in the Harmony Software, to get some more keys instead of using pivos xios ds.

    See the attached screenshot, how i configured the keys in the Harmony Software. Since Play and Pause had the same keycode (0x1f0f), i changed Pause to F3.

    I created a rc_keymap for LE9:

    My file also contains the keycode of the original RC including power.

    Loaded via rc_maps.cfg:

    One more question: Are there key shortcuts to open video/audio settings, when playing a movie or livetv? I would replace KEY_VIDEO and KEY_AUDIO by this.