File Manager issue large files

  • Not sure if this is something I'm doing wrong or possibly a Kodi issue but here goes. Using the Kodi file manager I've had this issue with the system freezing up when copying or moving large sized files say over three Gb in total. The progress bar sometimes stops at approx. 70 or 80 percent of completion then the keyboard and or mouse becomes inactive. The files were being moved from local ssd storage to a usb3 hd the last time it happened. Only recovery possible was reset and reboot. I'm using the x86 64bit LE flavor running it on an Intel i3 system. Appreciate any suggestions as this has happened many times over the past few years and I decided to track down the problem if possible. Thanks in advance for any help here.


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  • I can offer loads of ways to try and debug this issue - but at the end of the day - Kodi is not designed to do what you want. Use a "proper" file transfer program like SFTP or even SMB if you are desperate.