[8.90.6]Playback problems and much more...:)

  • I would rather if people did not upload the old releases as they also require the matching dtb, problems can't be solved if everyone is using different versions, what may work on 1 version may not work on another and If you think there may be a problem with the latest release I would rather know about it so I can try and fix it.

    I removed the ones i posted from my google drive, i did post the matching dtb gxm_q200_2g_minix_neo_u9.dtb in the folder i doubt anyone is stupid enough to use that dtb if they didn't have a minix u9

  • It's easy. If you lost with an alpha then go back to stable (8.2).

    Thanks for your advice but I fixed it. Please post if you have any advice useful for me in the future.

    Beelink MiniMXIII II 2GB, 32GB always running latest Libreelec from SD card. No issues so far(except for the ones already known or posted by me).

    Mecool m8s Pro+ which with widevine level 1, Android runs a hacked version of android TV.

  • Just a new observation regarding AAC 2.0.

    Starting playback of a video with AC3 2.0, makes AAC 2.0 work. If I play something with DTS , than it's broken. Starting a new playback with AC3 2.0, and it works again.


    8.90 ⇒ MeCool KI Pro ⇒ Onkyo TX-NR656 ⇒ SAMSUNG 65"LED/UHD/PQ1300/T2CS

    LG BP50NB40 USB Blu-ray

  • I guess that's what the "passthrough problems" with this versions refers to. Apart from that 8.90.6 works very well here, both audio and video, very smooth.

    T6 (2GB/16GB, S905x, Android 7.1.1, CoreElec - living on the bleeding edge)